This page consists of a short introduction to Web-HIPRE software. For further information, please see the Web-HIPRE homepage. Web-HIPRE is a web-based software for decision analytic problem structuring, multicriteria evaluation and priorization. The software plays a key role as a decision analysis tool in the EVATECH 2003 workshops.

To start Web-HIPRE just click to Web-HIPRE homepage and click the small window that should appear in the upper left corner.

There are different ways how you can learn basic use of Web-HIPRE.

Basic approach: Study 'Introduction to Value Tree Analysis' e-learning module
This module is recommended to everyone participating in the workshops. Please, read also the Web-HIPRE file management in EVATECH.

Shortcut approach: Read through Web-HIPRE help while working or watch video clips.

Video clips

Note: Before playing videos, please install the required video codec.
For further information, check the system requirements.

Please, choose an appropriate format from the list below. (Small files recommended for slow connections.)

Working with Web-HIPRE

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Problem structuring

Preference elicitation Results and sensitivity analysis

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