Program and Participants

Location: STUK (See instructions)
Hotel accommondation at Hotel Seurahuone and Hotel Helka. Transportation from the hotels to STUK by metro.

Monday 12 May
9.00 Welcome to STUK
9.30 Basic principles for intervention and protective actions to protect of public in a case of nuclear accident. (Dr. R. Mustonen) [slides]
10.30 Goals of decision analysis and practical application of techniques. Job selection case revisited. (Prof. R. P. Hämäläinen) slides: [Decision Analysis], [Introduction to Value Tree Analysis], [Job case]
12.00 Lunch at STUK
13.00 Formats of facilitated workshops and tips and tricks for running meetings. (Prof. S. French) [slides]
14.00 Hands on exercise: Stucturing the Finnish Milk case (Prof. S. French)
15.30 Introduction to Web-HIPRE (Prof. R. P. Hämäläinen)
Evening Get-together at STUK

Tuesday 13 May
9.00 Continuation of hands on exercise with the Milk case: Elicitation of scores, ranking of alternatives and sensitivity analysis. (Dr. J. Geldermann)
11.00 Clean-up actions in urban environment. (Ms. J. Brown)
12.00 Lunch at STUK
13.00 Introduction to the Urban case to be used in the national workshops. Planning early phase protective actions. Problem structuring and score elicitation in 2-3 small groups lead by national facilitators.[slides]
19.30 Dinner (At downtown Restaurant Savoy - 10 min walk from hotels)

Wednesday 14 May
9.00 Hands on working with the Urban case: Presentation of small group results. Analysis: structure and ranking of alternatives. (Prof. S. French)
12.00 Lunch at STUK
13.00 Issues in the national workshops
14.00 Feedback.
15.00 End of seminar

Local Organizers
Kari Sinkko, Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), Tel. +358 9 7598 8493,
Raimo P. Hämäläinen, Systems Analysis Laboratory, Tel. +358 9 451 3054,
Raimo Mustonen, Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), Tel. +358 9 7598 8492,
Michael Ammann, Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), Tel. +358 9 7598 8488

Jyri Mustajoki, Tel.+358 9 451 3065,
Ville Karttunen, Tel. +358 9 451 3062, (webmaster)
Ville Koskinen, Tel. +358 9 451 3053,

Participants of Workshop Seminar
Dr. Carlos Rojas-Palma, SCK/CEN - Belgian Nuclear Research Center,

Mr. Steen Hoe, DEMA - Danish Emergency Management Agency,
Mr. Sven Poul Nielsen, Risoe National Laboratory,

Dr. Jutta Geldermann, Universität Karlsruhe TH,
Mr. Martin Treitz, Universität Karlsruhe TH,
Mr. Christian Höbler, BfS - Budesamt für Strahlenschutz,

Great Britain
Prof. Simon French, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester,
Dr. Carmen Niculae, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester,
Ms. Joanne Brown, NRPB - National Radiological Protection Board,

Mr. Slawomir Potempski, IAE - Institute of Atomic Energy,
Mr. A. Kowalczyk, NAEA - National Atomic Energy Agency,

Slovak Republic
Mr. Vladimir Sladek, Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic,
Dr. Tatiana Duranova, VUJE Trnava Inc.,

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